Einav Ratzon-Cohen Head of Capital Market Regulation


Einav specializes in capital markets, corporate law and securities law. She advises our customers on a wide range of legal matters, including IPOs, complying with the Israeli Securities Authority,

the Stock Exchange and various regulatory agencies.

Einav is highly experienced in advising various Institutional Investing Bodies (such as pension and investment funds).

She advises executives and decision makers in such institutions and guides them in complying with various regulatory agencies. 

For the past 14 years, Einav has been working as a senior lecturer in Directors’ Training courses . Additionally, she has been lecturing at leading investment houses, banks and academic institutions on various fields, including corporate law, commercial law, corporate governance and more. 

Einav  holds an L.L.B from the Academic Center for Law and Science and was admitted to the Israeli Bar Association in 2005.