We’re Hiring

We are always looking for talented and motivated attorneys that seek a challenging and rewarding work environment in the fields of corporate and commercial law.

Ideal candidates have an outstanding academic record, excellent writing and organizational skills, and are fluent in both Hebrew and English.

We also welcome inquires about legal internship positions and openings. Our interns are a significant part of our team and gain hands-on experience in our areas of practice from day one.

For additional details please contact us.


The Interns in our Firm are playing a significant role in the legal team and are taking a crucial
and essential part in the professional side of the office. The Interns in our Firm are enjoying
being a part of a Boutique Law Firm and from the opportunity of working next to Partners
and Associates on cases from start to finish, as well as wide range of relevant issues to our
areas of occupation.
The purpose of the Internship Institution is to coach and to qualify graduates of law faculties
to engage in the legal profession in a professional manner. loyal to our view of the duties
imposed on us as Legal Coaches, this is the exact purpose to which we strive – providing you
with the best training, experience, and judgment, and to equip you with the best toolbox
which will allow you to lead and succeed.

Many of the Lawyers working in our Firm today started as interns at our office, and others
managed to find a job in other offices, companies, or other senior positions.
Our office is characterized by an uncompromising commitment to professionalism
combined with a dynamic, energetic, and a-formal atmosphere. We invest in the ongoing
training of our legal team, Interns included, by doing team meetings on regular basis – led by
lawyers, experts from the field and even the Interns themselves. We also hold various social
activities, and other social events.

When we interview applicants for internships, we try to get to know the applicants, their
personality, and professional ambitions. The qualities we look for in our interns include
strong learning abilities, responsibility, curiosity, motivation, and genuine interest in our
firm's areas of expertise.
Several internship positions are opened in our firm on a semi-annual basis, and we
encourage you to apply if you believe that you qualify for the requirements and if you are
interested in a fulfilling career in the field of commercial law.